Rescue Frenzy

Rescue Frenzy

Help a rescue team to achieve its goals and save people and animals

In this game, you will join a rescue team that must act after a series of natural disasters such as floodings, fires, earthquakes, and so on. Your goal will be to rescue people and animals trapped in buildings or in the woods and help to rebuild hospitals, banks, and other important institutions. Also, you will need to prevent that damaged nuclear and chemical plants from exploding and causing more damage.

To achieve these goals, you will need to complete different tasks using your time in a wisely manner. For example, you need to rebuild the hospital before rescuing the people so they can receive medical attention. Also, you will need to rebuild the construction materials and oil producing factories in order to have the fuel and materials to rebuild and remove obstacles.

You will also receive donations and humanitarian help through planes and helicopters. You will need to pick the money and resources while carrying out the reconstruction tasks. This is easier said than done since you can pick only one item or carry out one task at a time. If you collect enough resources, you can upgrade your team by adding more workers. There are some other perks too, such as a speed bonus, a rescue reward, and more.

In general, it is a good and entertaining game. It has six difficulty levels, each with its own tasks. To unlock the upper levels, you need to complete the lower levels first. If you like strategy and time-management games, you may want to try this one.

Victor Hernandez
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Review summary


  • The game is free to download and use
  • It has six difficulty levels, each with a set of goals


  • The installation file is huge and takes a while to download
  • The downloading process started very slowly at first
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